Bodum Bistro 1.5 Ltr Kettle, Red

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One might think, using an electric water kettle when being “unplugged” is all the rage, is sort of counterintuitive.
Well, not really. Even the French press – one of the greenest way to brew quality coffee – needs boiling water. The
BISTRO electric water kettles are as small as possible, and they deliver that boiling water with the lowest energy
consumption possible. The most environmentally friendly thing you can do boiling water is to never boil more than
you actually need. Whether you’re a tea lover or a coffee aficionado – the Bistro electric water kettles are the
kitchen staple you can’t do without. They’re made from plastic, silicone and stainless steel and come in a variety of
gorgeous colors that make a statement on any kitchen counter. Simple to use, an on/off button is built into the
handle for a perfect grip.


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